Our Project Management service is a complete package of preparation, sale and closing of both personal and real property. This is ideal for the adult child helping a loved one long distance or the local executor who is swamped with work and the other demands of life. We do everything for you start to finish under your direction and decision-making. Perhaps you know someone we can help, please refer us to them and they can call Michael directly at 716-481-9959.

  • Coordination of any needed municipality required inspections
  • Coordination with estate sale or junk removal companies
  • Refer and obtain quotes from our trusted vendors for recommended or required work
  • Follow up with vendors to ensure work is being done timely and as contracted
  • Obtain final utility readings

Our motto is maximum value in the least amount of time. Using our Project Management service saves the executor or POA hours in valuable time and the net number is much higher. You don’t have to start from scratch figuring it all out. We’ve done this hundreds of times before and the service is available for one reasonable flat fee.

Here is the same house set up for estate sale.

The house completely cleaned and cleared.

Our Four-Step preparation process helps our clients achieve maximum value in minimal time. We average 11 days on the market with a list price/sale price ratio of 100.02 percent. The Olear Team at MJ Peterson assists buyers and sellers of residential real estate throughout Erie and Niagara Counties. We have specialized programs for older adults and their caregivers, as well as a comprehensive project management program that facilitates every aspect of someone’s transition including moving, packing, repairs, staging and household sale. The Olear Team includes eight licensed realtors situated throughout Western New York, as well as a transaction coordinator, marketing specialist and project manager.

If you or someone you know is in need or real estate assistance, please give us a call at 716-481-9959 or write michael@olear.com