When Is a Contract Binding?

When Is a Contract Binding?

You’ve heard it or you’ve had to deal with it: signing a contract on a house only to have another buyer come in and sweep your offer out from under the table.  Is it legal for the seller to cancel the contract in favor of a bigger outside offer?  In a traditional home sale, to make contracts legal and binding it takes both parties to sign.  In non-traditional or distressed home sales, like short sales, having both the seller and buyer sign is not enough and does not make the contract binding: in those cases, a third party lender must also approve the offer and sign.  In the cases of short sales, a buyer with a bigger offer could be chosen over you because not all parties have signed the contract.

Live at Larkin This Summer

A new concert series, Live at Larkin, is making quite a splash this summer.  Wednesdays at Larkin Square you can see great live music.  The concert series has helped to reinvigorate the district and bring in crowds of people every week.  Here is the remaining schedule for this summer:

8/1 Babik & Brian Wheat

8/8 South Buffalo Night w/ the Willies, The Leftovers and many many more
8/15 The Rockaz & Gruvology
8/22 Chris Nathan & Caitlin and the Jamie Moses Band
8/29 School of Rock w/ Alison Pipitone, Eris Crittenden, Music is Art & WNY music students
9/5 Aqueous & Free Henry
9/12 Buffablog Night w/Andrew J Reimers CPX, Bryan Johnson & Family, Brad Gower
9/19 The Ragbirds & Chilharmonic Orchestra

The Buffalo News Summer Jazz Series

Sorry for the late notice!  The Buffalo News Summer Jazz Series returns with local jazz groups.  For the next two Sundays you and your family can enjoy free concerts on the steps of the Albright Knox.  Grab a picnic basket and blanket and enjoy these free concerts:

July 29 @ 2:00 PM: Don Rice

August 5 @ 2:00 PM: Cindy Miller

When Is a Contract Binding?

Strange Sombrero Home

While dome homes in the Southwest are common, this home’s upturned edges bring to mind a classic of Southwestern decor: the sombrero.  This cowboy home resides in Golden, CO, and was built in 1969 out of polyurethane foam.  The building materials mean that the home stays cool and requires very little maintenance.  The home sits near many hiking and riding trails, and the inside of the home is light and airy, the perfect cowboy retreat.

See more photos of the sombrero home here.

When Is a Contract Binding?

Time to Buy a Swimming Pool?

The price of in ground pools has dropped 30%, so if you’ve always dreamed of a Buffalo summer spent in a cool oasis, now may be the time to buy.  But experts still say there is a lot to consider before taking the plunge: size, shape, location, materials, and annual costs can make or break a budget.  Pools can be made out of vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete: vinyl is the least expensive option, but concrete looks more luxurious.  Vinyl and concrete need to be replaced or refinished, while fiberglass pools require little upkeep: this makes them less pricey long term.  The pool deck, too, is an important surface which may sometimes get more use than the pool: brick, concrete, and stone can be used.  Wood does not make for the best pool deck material, as it is more difficult to maintain and can be very slippery.  Finally, when construction ends, you need to spend money to maintain your pool: this can range between $1,000 and $3,000 per year with the cost of opening and closing, chemicals, heating, and more.

While pools require a lot of work from the get-go, they offer a relaxing space to unwind.  They also allow you to enjoy a Buffalo summer to the fullest with friends, family, and a grill!