With the nice weather finally breaking you might find yourself eager to move your spring cleaning project outside of your main home. The garage is somewhat a removed space; out of sight, out of mind but accumulates clutter quickly! Tackling storage central may seem like an overwhelming undertaking, but knowing where to start can help alleviate the stress.

1.Clear and clean first – Take everything out of the garage to start. Once empty, thoroughly clean the floor, ceiling, walls, and any built in shelving.

2.Scrub, sweep and survey – Scrub down grime from the floor and walls, and use a broom to know down cobwebs from rafters and light fixtures. Sweep debris from the furthest point inside towards the door and outside. Check outlets and electrical appliances, change out light-bulbs if necessary.

3.Paint the floor – A couple fresh paint coats will fill in any cracks and ensure a longer life of the concrete base.

4.Keep and go piles – Taking inventory of everything pulled out, separate items that you know you want to keep first, followed by what can be donated or thrown away.

5.Organize while putting it all back – Use existing shelving or install a new unit to keep items off of the floor. Aim to keep long term storage items furthest in the back, and more frequently used or seasonal items up front. Keep up with putting things back where they came after use and avoid another massive overhaul!