Don?t waste a ton of money this winter repairing or replacing costly effects that could have been avoided. Take these 7 quick and easy winter weather precautions and save the headache!


Buy a protector for your outdoor faucet

  • What can start as just a little frozen water can end up filling an inch of water in your basement which can cost up to $15,000 to pump out and dry out
  • Outdoor faucet protectors come in many styles, and you can order them through Amazon or at pick them up at your local home improvement store.
  • Check that any exposed pipes are insulated too

Invest in insulation to prevent ice dams

  • Icicles can be a sign of buildup on your gutter or roof, preventing the melting snow and ice from coming down through the gutters
  • Once the dam forms the resulting water can leak into cracks and opening in the attic, or drip down and create large and dangerous icicles
  • Attic insulation is key, but if you don?t have the money to fully insulate then you can temporarily affix heated gutter cables
  • Getting an ice dam steamed off can generally cost between $300-600 per hour
  • Get help finding the right contractor and know the questions to be asking

Clean your gutters

  • When water can?t get through your gutters, it redirects into your foundation
  • Plugging foundation cracks can cost from $1,500 to $3,000+
  • A full foundation excavation or rebuild can cost $30,000 or more

Seal up Leaks

  • Cracks can be found in window sills, baseboards, fireplace or dryer vents,etc
  • Inexpensively seal cracks with caulk; look for a brand that water based or waterproof and paintable
  • Learn how to caulk a crack in your wall

Program your thermostat

  • Align with your schedule to save on heating bills
  • Invest in a Wi-Fi programmable thermostat to easily control the temperature in your home, whether you?re home or away

Get a furnace tune-up

  • Maintain your current system as new units run around $4,000
  • Thoroughly clean the unit; blower, fan blades, and drain line
  • Replacing furnace filters regularly can shave another 15% off your energy bill
  • You can perform the tune up yourself or call a contractor to do it for you, which will include an inspection for other furnace issues as well as testing for leaks, fuel pressure, and airflow?

Get a fireplace inspection

  • This inspection checks the liners, smoke chamber, chimney exterior and firebox to detect for structural problems
  • If you haven?t used your fireplace in a while, check for fallen debris or nests that may have been formed by pests that can clog the chimney which can lead to a chimney fire, carbon monoxide poisoning? & toxic fumes
  • Take the time to schedule a maintenance appointment to avoid a fire than can cost thousands of dollars in repairs to your home or injury to you and your family