Have you heard the term ?active adult community,? or AAC for short? Active adult communities are springing up with great popularity across the nation and tend to cater to the Baby Boomer generation ? those 55 and up. But what?s makes them such an attractive housing alternative?

For starters, these are not retirement communities. In fact, they tend to attract a large percentage of residents who still enjoy working. Many of the homes also feature the added benefit of office space.

Other AAC amenities typically include group events, outdoor activities such as hiking and exercise classes, and many other gatherings geared toward an active lifestyle. The homes that make up the community are energy efficient and modern, often one story and laid out in a way that allows residents to age in place and remain independent. AACs also have a community center where residents can take part in organized events, and most feature gyms, tennis courts and pools. Additionally, most AACs are located close to major metropolitan areas for the convenience of residents.

You can expect to see rapid growth in this type of specialized housing over the next decade as our aging demographic continues to impact the real estate landscape.