As summer rolls around, you start to see more and more cyclists on your city’s streets.? In the past few years, commuting by bike has become more popular as topics like the economy, the environment, and health become more prevalent.? Cities like Minneapolis and Portland remain some of the country’s most biker-friendly cities, but Rochester, NY has also been named one of the best cities for bicycling by Bicycle Magazine.? Biking seems to becoming more popular too, with races like Tour de Cure and the Ride for Roswell keeping cyclists busy in early summer and local clubs have hundreds of other races throughout the season.? Below are the top five US cities for cycling, and you can read about the top fifty here.

1. Minneapolis, MN: Despite its cold temperatures, the city boasts 120 miles of bike routes and indoor bike parking for winter commuters.

2.? Portland, OR: The city is looking to make cycling popular and practical for its residents, with safe bike-only traffic signals and bike equipment programs.

3.? Boulder, CO: The city of Boulder has biker-friendly streets and more than 100 miles of trails surrounding the city.

4.? Seattle, WA: Seattle has a $240 million plan to triple the number of cyclists on the road and add almost 500 miles to trails and routes.

5.? Eugene, OR: The city has invested in bikers young and old: lighted trails and School bike programs help to add interest, safety, and longevity to the sport.