Sometimes in the real estate business, we?ll encounter an individual who wants to purchase a home before selling their existing home. While that?s not always an ideal situation, a bridge loan may be the answer to the financing question.
So what is a bridge loan? A recent article posted on? into great detail on this subject. Today we?ll share with you some highlights from the article.
  • The main advantage of a bridge loan is to avoid having to make a contingent offer on the new home.
  • The bridge loan is a temporary loan that bridges the gap between the sale price of a new home and a home buyer?s new mortgage in the event the buyer?s home has not sold.
  • The bridge loan is secured to the buyer’s existing home, with funds from the bridge loan used as a down payment for the move-up home.
  • Rates for bridge loans will vary among lenders, so do your homework.?
  • Before taking any action, please speak to a trusted financial advisor and experienced Realtor who can provide some much-needed professional advice.
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