NEW OLEAR BANNERToday we?ll continue our recent series on home staging tips to help sell your house as quickly as possible! The original and lengthy article we spotted was found on, but we?re condensing it down to bring you just the main points.

? Open your closets! Closets are a big selling point, so make sure your closets are free of clutter and well organized. Aim for approximately 25 percent open space within the closet to give an illusion of spaciousness.

? Stop playing around and clean up the toys! House hunters want a fresh start, and toys equal clutter. Even if the potential buyers have kids, show that it?s possible to have clean and organized rooms. They?ll appreciate the effort!

? An extra room can help or hinder … help if presented as usable space or hinder if it?s a dumping ground for old furniture and unopened boxes. What makes the best sense when showing the house? An extra bedroom? An office?

? Add bathroom space. If you have a small bathroom, you don?t have to knock out a wall to gain space. For example, consider swapping our a cabinet-style sink or a simple pedestal version.

? Pay big attention to small details. In other words, anything that?s visible to potential buyers should have a purpose! Look at every detail from the visitor?s perspective, right down to the bar of soap in the shower to spotless towels and empty garbage cans.