For almost four decades, Canada and Denmark have disputed the rightful owner of Hans island, which is located directly in the center of the Nares Strait– directly in between Canada and Greenland, which is an autonomous colony of Denmark.? The island itself is only 1.3 square kilometers and is uninhabited, but the tiny island is a contentious issue for the two allies.? The consequences of its ownership are much larger for both countries, who are debating rights to arctic sea and land with other international powers like the US and Russia.? Losing the island could mean further, greater, losses.? However, the two governments have come close to reaching an agreement to share the island.? Because the two countries are on good terms (Denmark exports a majority of Canada’s Lego blocks), they see now as the perfect opportunity to settle the dispute.? Doing so means that Canada will have another land border with a country other than the US.? Many people see the island as a possible tourist destination, where tourists can stand in Canada and the European Union at the same time.