Backyards aren’t just for vegetable gardens anymore.? Beautiful outdoor spaces are becoming more and more popular around the country.? Homeowners want to create the perfect ‘outdoor room’ that will allow them to enjoy their time outside the walls of their home, while feeling simultaneously that what they have outside is just an extension of what’s within.? And these spaces aren’t just limited to the “confines” of warm climates: they can be seen at Western New York’s many Garden Walks.? Until then, use these tips of the trade to help foster a sense of style and comfort outdoors:

1.? Too many electric lights remove the sense of being outside.? They also attract insects.? Think about using (citronella) candles to make your outdoor room feel more natural.

2.? Outdoor ceilings (awnings, tents, umbrellas, or trellises) help block out sun and rain.? That means you can spend more time outside, no matter what the weather.

3.? Placing large pots of plants on patios, decks, and porches help make the space feel more natural and beautiful.

4.? Using light blue, white, and lilac flowers in your garden actually helps make your garden more beautiful at sunset.? These colors attract and reflect light better than bright flowers.

5.? On your outdoor dining table, only use flowers from your garden.? It will help connect the room and the garden, and your guest are sure to be impressed with your gardening prowess.

6.? Buying stronger outdoor furniture means that you have less to store when winter comes.? Wrought iron and wicker will last better through the elements if you don’t have the space to store other furniture.

7.? Enjoy your space, daily.? Especially here in Buffalo, the weather isn’t always as forgiving and it would be a shame to spend the summer the same way we spend the winter.