NEW Olear cover photoAre you positioning to sell your home in the near future? If so, there?s good reason to step back from the process and let your Realtor take the lead … the main reason being a financial one!

We?ve seen it many times before, well-meaning sellers offering too much information about their home to potential buyers. Something as simple as discussing your motivation for wanting to move can play right into the hands of savvy buyers, giving them information they can use to lower their offer for your property. Little things have a tendency to slip out, giving the buyer the upper hand in the negotiation.

Trained Realtors like the professionals on The Olear Team are skilled in the art of negotiation and reveal only what is legally necessary when dealing with another interested party. Allowing them to speak and act on your behalf often pays off handsomely when the time comes to close the deal. And as much as you might be tempted to hang around during an open house to lend your assistance and knowledge, your best bet is to simply remove yourself from the situation and let your Realtor go to work.

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