Tips for selling your home quickly was the topic of a recent story on that we?ve been examining the past few weeks. Today we?ll review a few more of those tips that we hope will help you when you make the decision to post that ?for sale? sign.

? You know that honey-do list you?ve been avoiding? Well, it?s time to knock some items off that list! Let?s face it, they?re on that list for a reason, and most of the jobs are fairly small. Take half a day and knock off as many projects as possible. If you notice them, potential buyers will also notice them.

? Rather than renovate an entire room, which can take lots of time and dollars, make little tweaks. For example, if your kitchen is looking a little outdated, try replacing fixtures, faucets and hinges for a fresher look.

? Each room should have a purpose, and it should be staged for that purpose whether it?s an office, craft room, or guest room. Under no circumstances show it appear as a dumping ground.

? For just a few dollars you can make your bathroom seem more like a spa by adding pretty washcloths and towels, scented candles, a new bathmat, etc. This is one room where you?d like to feel relaxed, not stressed.

? Close the toilet when showing or photographing your home. It?s a little tip that makes a big difference.

Stop by again next week for more helpful tips from and The Olear Team!