As if the job of executor wasn?t difficult enough, along comes the digital age to complicate things even further. Yes, estate planning in the digital age brings with it a variety of new concerns and responsibilities. For example, will your social media platforms continue to live on long after you?re gone?

It?s definitely something to think about and, if possible, discuss with your appointed executor. If an executor has not been appointed, you can discuss this with a family member with whom you have a great deal of trust.

In today?s digital age, anyone with a computer or smartphone likely has numerous usernames and passwords to access everything from your bank accounts to your Facebook page. While you don?t want to share this confidential information with just anyone, it does make a great deal of sense to share it with at least one trustworthy loved one.

In the event that your life ends unexpectedly, you?ll make things a lot easier for those left behind if someone has password access to your computer, smartphone, social media platforms, etc.

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