In Paris, Hermitage Group is set to start clearing the site for its future architectural icon– the 1,050 ft. tall Hermitage Plaza Towers.? The towers, set to open in 2017, will hopefully help Paris’ real estate market rebound when Hermitage Group begins offering space for retailers, businesses, and property owners.? What’s the price tag for space in the towers?? ?12,000 per square meter (for now– prices may go up!), and with over 280,000 square meters, the Hermitage Group will profit a great deal of off Europe’s future-tallest-buildings.? The towers themselves are modern and industrial looking, distinctly different for the old, charming look of Paris itself.? Yet it is housed in La D?fense, Paris’ financial district, which boasts other impressive and modern skyscrapers. The towers are sure to attract foreign visitors and future-residents with their many features: a hotel, business and retail space, a park along the Seine river, panoramic views of the city, and a luxury spa.

For a (very European) video tour of the impressive structures, see this link.