As summer winds down, it is a good time to get a head start on fall projects.? Fall is the best time to get your home in tip-top shape before those harsh, cold, and long Buffalo winters.? Here are some things you can do around your house before the cold settles in:

1.? Start with the little things:? Check your roof, siding, and gutters for any needed maintenance; drain your hose spigots; change the screens on your windows and storm doors; make sure there aren’t any cracks or leaks in the foundation or windows.

2.? Winterize outdoor furniture: If your outdoor furniture can be left outside during winter, it’s still a good idea to winterize it.? See this link for the best maintenance for specific finishes.

3.? Add seasonal flowers to your garden: Mums are especially perfect for fall: their rich colors match the changing leaves and pumpkins, but they are also hearty enough to remain outdoors in cooler weather.

4. Organize the garage: If you don’t want to spend this winter scraping off your car in the cold, organize your garage now.? Doing so will allow you to put or throw away accumulated summer objects and bring out winter essentials: shovels, rock salt, and snow blowers.

5.? Have a yard sale: After you clean out the garage and find the inflatable pool you haven’t ever used, host a yard sale.? It may even give you some extra dough for Halloween candy!