So your house is in pristine condition– but why isn’t it selling?? Here are some reasons why your home could be unappealing to buyers:

1.? Pools: Unless you live in an extremely warm climate, some buyers are afraid that they won’t use the pool as much as they should– and therefore, won’t get their money’s worth from it.? Since pools are so expensive, and can be a safety hazard for young children, there is more risk associated with having one.

The Fix: To rectify safety concerns, make sure that the pool has a sturdy fence and cover.? If you can afford to, offer to pay for the first year of pool maintenance as an incentive to buyers.

2.? Your stuff: While your teacup collection might be impressive to you, it most likely won’t be seen that way by potential buyers. Sometimes, extra clutter around the home can distract buyers from the property itself.

The Fix: Clean up knickknacks and memorabilia so that your home seems clutter-free.

3.? Carpet: Buyer’s aren’t just picky about the multi-colored shag carpet in the dining room anymore– many are suddenly showing a distaste for all carpet, period.

The Fix: If you can, replace older, dirty carpets.? Buyers are expressing a desire for hardwood floors, but that upgrade can be quite pricey.? Consider instead just replacing the living and dining rooms with hardwood or a hardwood look-alike.

4. Gold fixtures: Though only dating back to the 80s or 90s, gold fixtures are seen as dated.? Buyers want sleek, matte-finish fixtures that look sexy instead of grandmotherly.

The Fix: Fixtures can be fairly inexpensive to replace, and dong so will help buyers see your home as up-to-date.

5.? Elaborate Gardens: Lush, well-planned gardens may be nice to look at, but they can be overwhelming to the new buyer, who may just see them as extra maintenance.

The Fix: Instead of breaking down your beautiful garden, be strategic: find out if local botanical gardens or garden clubs have newsletters you can place an ad in.? Put an article in your local newspaper– target your sale to people who would be interested in buying your house for your garden.