NEW OLEAR BANNERIt happens to thousands of people across the country every year ? reaching the point where you have to help an older friend or family member downsize and move. Fortunately, there are trained professionals who can help us through these difficult life situations.

These professionals are known as geriatric care managers, individuals with a professional background in social work, nursing, gerontology or a related field who specialize in serving the needs of our senior population. Their assistance can be a godsend for seniors and caregivers alike who may find themselves faced with an overwhelming task.

A geriatric care manager will first assess the needs of their client, including the housing situation and level of care required. In the long run, a geriatric care manager may help you save money by avoiding costly mistakes, make better decisions because they?ve gone through this many times, help navigate a complex system, advocate for a loved one in a facility and help find additional caregiver support.

The Olear Team has extensive experience dealing with older homeowners and can also provide a variety of services to help lessen your workload. Please contact the team today for more information.