No matter how big or small, all homes have one thing in common: wall space.? But many homeowners get stumped by what to do with it.? Walls are a blank canvas for creating an inviting space and showing off personality, and although homeowners? tastes vary widely, there are a few general ideas and guidelines to consider when deciding how to make the best use of your walls.

?Sconces are a great way to add light and style to a room.? They should be placed about six feet above the floor, and if there are two or more, be sure to place them evenly to provide balanced sources of lighting.? If the sconce is merely an accent to an already decorated wall, choose a simple design and a smaller sconce, rather than upstaging what?s already there.?

If art is your wall decoration of choice, it?s important to decide on a style before choosing the paintings or photos.? More traditional decorators might go for landscapes or gardens, while those with contemporary taste might learn toward bold, bright colors.? A little quirky?? Think about framing old records or vintage movie posters instead of ready-made pieces.? Be sure the size of the framed pieces complements the furniture in the room ? wall art shouldn?t compete. A room with minimal furniture can have large art, but if the room already has big, ornate pieces of furniture, keep the art minimal.??

Play with groupings of framed pieces.? Experts suggest combining odd numbers such as three or five in a row or a square block of nine small prints.? Be sure the pieces are similar in color and theme, and take time to choose a neutral colored frame.