Preservation Buffalo Niagara (BPN) recently acquired a survey performed by Buffalo?s Preservation Community back in 1996 identifying structures built prior to 1860 in the City of Buffalo. They are seeking volunteers who will receive training to help investigate and research? the history of these buildings to search for anything that will earn them preservation rights.?

The survey noted approximately 215 of them, with the oldest dating back to 1818. Upon inspection and further research nearly 25 years later, roughly 30% of these structures are no longer standing. Of the structures that remain intact, upwards of 80% have no historic designation or protection from the same fate.? This loss is what inspired the BPN to focus on this conservation program, initiating ?The 1850 Project?.?

“We are so excited to pick up this project and finally give these structures the preservation protections and designations they deserve” said Jessie Fisher, executive director of Preservation Buffalo Niagara.

Questions may be directed to Preservation Buffalo Niagara at 716-852-3330 or