NEW OLEAR BANNERToday we?ll continue our recent trend of offering house-selling tips for homeowners. Here are three that are proven secrets for success!

? Refresh? Yes! Over-upgrade? No! When preparing your home for sale, you don?t have to take on a monumental makeover, mostly because it can be very expensive and you simply don?t know the tastes of the home?s next owner. Still, that?s no excuse for being lazy. Simple improvements can include a fresh coat of neutral paint, replacing worn door handles and cabinet hardware, fixing leaky faucets, and making sure everything looks neat and clean!

? While you may love your cat or dog, the next owners may not be big fans. Hosting an open house? Take Fido to a family member?s place for a couple of hours until the coast is once again clear. And don?t forget to pack the pet bowls and toys away, too! Finally, no one likes to see pet hair rolling across the kitchen floor like tumbleweeds through the desert, so break out the broom, vacuum or Swiffer and give the floors some attention.

? Finally, an experienced real estate agent or team will guide you through every turn and help sell your home much more quickly. Your real estate partner should not only be knowledgeable, but personable. If you?re not comfortable with your representative, keep looking until you find a match made in real estate heaven.

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