Do Millennials (ages 18 to 36) value homeownership? While there was some doubt, the latest statistics from the National Association of Realtors indicate that older Millennials, ages 25 to 36, are currently dominating the first-time homebuyer category!
Here are some statistics shared by our friends at Keeping Current Matters:
  • Of all first-time homebuyers, the median age is 31.
  • 56 percent of first-time homebuyers are married, with a median age of 31.
  • Also among first-time homebuyers, 18 percent are single females with a median age of 32, 13 percent are unmarried couples with a median age of 28, and 11 percent are single males with a median age of 31.
Older Millennials, your time has come. Welcome to the neighborhood!