With summer wrapping up and kids heading back to school, August is traditionally a big vacation month.? With parents driving college students back to school or heading on one final vacation, homes are often left alone for a few days.? Here are some tips for keeping your home safe while you’re away:

1.? Ask for neighbor’s help: if you can, have someone house sit.? If that isn’t an option, ask a trusted friend or neighbor to stop by periodically.

2.? Watch out for water: a burst pipe could cause serious damage to your home.? Shutting off the main water valve means or the valves for major appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator) decreases the chances that you’ll have water problems.? Also, checking on your sump pump could help save your basement from flooding.

3.? Notify the post office to stop delivery of mail for the duration of your trip, or ask a neighbor to collect your mail for you.

4.? Make sure your security system is on.

5.? Consider buying motion sensor lights for the front and back of your house.

6.? Place lights on electric timers in various rooms throughout the house.