We often enjoy sharing with you tips about the real estate industry that we come across in various media outlets. Today we?ll begin sharing some tips on preparing your home for sale that we found on

For starters, the article mentions two tips that we?ve talked about a lot in the past … and they?re both pretty obvious: Clean, clean, clean and pay attention to smells. Dust, polish, wash, repeat. Make it sparkling or consider hiring a cleaning service to do it for you. And don?t forget about those pesky odors! For example, you might not want to cook something like bacon or fish the day of a showing.

Another common tip they share that we?ve talked about in the past is removing clutter … from shoes in the hallway to mail and newspapers on the kitchen table. Remove anything that detracts from your home?s features.

Finally, consider repainting the walls in neutral colors as a fresh coat of paint always adds to the overall freshness of the house. And, keep the decor simple. You may have a fondness for a dozen throw pillows resting upon your zebra print leather couch, but those coming to view your home likely have different tastes. For best results, keep it simple and neutral.

We?ll have more tips in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!