During their tenure, vice presidents live at Number One Observatory Circle on the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory (USNO), a 19th-century home that first housed the superintendent of the USNO and then the chief of naval operations until the 1970s.? But where did they live before (and after) the VP digs?

Nelson Rockefellar

VP to Gerald Ford and descendent of those Rockefellars, he never actually lived in the VP’s house, choosing instead to live in New York City.? His 5th Avenue apartment actually took up three floors and is currently listed for $27.5 million.

Dan Quayle

After his tenure as George H. W. Bush’s VP, Quayle moved to a suburb outside of Phoenix.? He currently resides in a 5,000+ square foot home that takes up a whole cul-de-sac.

Al Gore

Clinton’s VP owns several homes across the US, but his Nashville home is the one he spends the most time in.? When he originally bought the home, he came under scrutiny for the home’s “wasteful” energy habits; however, Gore has put a lot of money and work into his home, and now says that solar and wind energy help offset 100% of the home’s electricity costs.

Joe Biden

Our nation’s current Vice President also commutes by train?to his job in DC– his home in Delaware is about an hour and a half??away from the nation’s capital.? Biden’s home sits on 4 acres and enjoys the view of a small lake.

Paul Ryan

The current congressman from Wisconsin lives in the former home of Parker Pen, a former pen manufacturer.? When the Ryans bought the home in 2010, it had been abandoned for several years; apparently, the Ryans have done most of the renovation work.