NEW OLEAR BANNERIf you?re thinking of selling your home, you want it to look its very best and make a great first impression. Once you have it looking perfect, walk through the house, from top to bottom, and bring a friend or family member with you … and sniff! Does your house pass the smell test?

We recently came across an an interesting article in which Realtors were asked about there favorite house scents. Here are some of their comments:

? One Realtor recommends using lemon- or citrus-scented candles and running a few lemon wedges through the garbage disposal. Others prefer cinnamon and vanilla fragrances.

? Don?t be afraid to try different scents throughout the house. Candles today come in a wide variety of fresh scents.

? Another Realtor said that some buyers can be turned off by the smell of candles or air fresheners, so she prefers to use a spray odor eliminator.

? We?re not sure about this one, but one Realtor suggests placing an open can of beer in the oven, on low, to achieve a house that shells like freshly baked bread!

One final tip: Don?t try to cover up odors when a thorough cleaning of carpets, drapes and furniture is needed. Cutting corners can be a huge turnoff!