While most scenes play out on fields or courts, many sports films give glimpses into the star’s home life.? Many of those homes are actually someone’s home in real life, too:

1.? Rocky

The Rocky films accrued quite a following, and fans will remember from the first film his urban apartment.? The apartment, located in downtown Philadelphia, was built in 1920 and today features three bedrooms and one bathroom in 754 square feet.

2.? The Sandlot

Everyone who has seen The Sandlot can remember Smalls’ pink house, the place where he sulked in loneliness.? The house, located in Salt Lake City, just sold in 2009 in near-original condition– complete with green shag carpet.

3.? A League of Their Own

This film about an all-female softball league featured a beautiful and large brick home where the women lived together.? Located in Henderson, Kentucky, the home was listed for sale at $799,000 in 2011, only to be removed from listing earlier this year.

4. The Fighter

The Fighter takes place in a Lowell, MA crack house, where Dicky Eklund still lives today.? The home remains in the same condition as it was in the film.

5.? Field of Dreams

The beautiful white farmhouse from the 1989 film is said to attract some 60,000 visitors every year.? The new owners are said to be developing a 24-field baseball and softball complex for visitors.