In today’s market, many landlords are finding that drawing in prospective renters means stepping up the services they offer. ?While large apartment complexes can offer anything from a gym to a rooftop deck, landlords with smaller?properties?need to compete. ?Here are few ways they are able to attract future renters:

1. ?Include internet with rent: With today’s young generations being more connected, offering Internet is a huge draw. ?Contacting and setting up Internet service during a move-in is annoying. Landlords can appeal to renters by cutting down on the hassle ? include Internet in the rent.

2. ?Include cable: Like internet, cable can be a hassle to set up on your own. ?Including a subscription in the rent means that renters won’t miss a second of their favorite shows on move-in day.

3. Include complimentary tanning: Including amenities that can’t be found elsewhere will appeal to a niche group of renters and makes certain properties stand out.

4. ?Offer free public transport: In cities where the morning commute is a drag, offering public transport means that its one less thing renters need to worry about. ?Covering the cost will also attract more possible renters, which means landlords can be selective when it comes to choosing tenants.

5. ?Offer one month’s rent free: This can help landlords fill a vacancy faster and make sure that landlords don’t have to pay maintenance and utilities on empty units.