In honor of the upcoming football weekend, we will attempt to answer this question: How many homes fit on a football field?

While the size of new homes seems to be growing, lot size has actually been shrinking since 2004– now at an average of 8,720 square feet. ?An acre of land is 43,560 square feet, meaning that lot sizes are just about 1/5 of an acre. ?A football field is about 1.1 acres of land.

If you placed a home with an average lot size (8,720) on the goal line, it would reach to about the 18 yard line. ?You could place 5 of these lots side by side on a field, and still have room for half a lot.

Simple answer: 5.5 homes.

But not all homes are?the same.

Custom homes are where things get a little tricky; these are homes that don’t involve the work of a professional developer and are often built on “unconventional lots.” ?The average lot size for a custom home is just about 1 acre. ?Therefore, one custom home could sit on a football field, along with a tiny bit of their (faraway) neighbor’s land.

There’s also the issue of townhouses, which have an average lot size of 2,984 square feet. ?That means sixteen townhomes could sit on a football field.