Cleaning up a cluttered space can be daunting, and having to de-clutter an entire house can seem impossible. ?Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start or how to stay motivated. ?Here are five tips to de-clutter with a?vengeance:

1. ?Put on “workout” music: This will help you work faster and make decisions more quickly, which is a major component to de-cluttering. ?It will also help you feel positive, which is essential to parting with clutter.

2. Use a few large garbage bags, boxes, and a marker: Label the bags “TRASH” or “DONATE,” and the boxes “SELL.” ?Places a few bags in each section of your house to make sure that you de-clutter each space.

3. ?Write up a POA: ?Having a plan of attack is crucial to de-cluttering, as it insures that you won’t get overwhelmed. ?Choosing which spaces to tackle first means that you have a clear starting point, and coming up with a schedule means that you have goals to adhere to.

4. ?Start!: Don’t procrastinate. ?Begin to de-clutter as soon as possible and don’t allow yourself to get distracted by what you may find. ?Go through every drawer, box, and cabinet and don’t be afraid to get rid of as much as you can. ?Old T-shirts, CDs, and ticket stubs may have sentimental value, but they may not be practical to keep.

5. ?Separate items you can sell: ?If you come across items that may have cash value, place them in the sell box. ?But also make sure that you take the time to post ads online or organize a garage sale. ?Otherwise, these items may forever sit in a box, collecting dust, and losing value.

6. ?Plan a trip to Goodwill: Also make sure to spare yourself some time to donate items. ?Immediately after you de-clutter, put the bags of donate-able items in your car so that you can stop by charities when you have free time.

7. ?Trash it: As soon as a trash bag is full of junk, throw it away. ?Don’t hesitate, or you may second guess your choices. ?March out of the house, open the lid, and dump junk into the trash can. ?Throw your hands up in the air and do a victory lap, too: you made it!