Are you thinking about selling your home this spring? Here are some steps that help explain how to get a house ready to sell.

  • Get your papers in order. Start gathering your utility and tax bills and any other papers related to your home and mortgage. These will be very helpful when it?s time to sit down with a Realtor.
  • Start gathering moving supplies such as boxes, packing tape, newspapers and bubble wrap.
  • No one likes walking around in the dark, so make sure all the lightbulbs are all working. If a room still seems a little too dark, increase the bulb wattage or consider adding another lamp to brighten more area.
  • Tackle small home improvement projects. A fresh coat of a neutral paint will really freshen up a room. In bathrooms and the kitchen, consider updating the fixtures and make sure the faucets aren?t dripping.
  • The bathroom should be sparkling clean, and that includes the shower door, tub and toilet. If the home was built a couple of decades ago and the toilet is original, you should consider replacing it with something a little more current.
  • The kitchen should also be spotless, from the floor to the countertops to the top of the refrigerator. Don?t forget to clean under the appliances, too. And clean out the appliances if they are part of the sale. Add an attractive fruit bowl and you?ll be good to go!
  • Declutter the bedrooms and remove as many personal items as possible. You want perspective buyers to see themselves in the home ? not you and your kids. Don?t forget those dust bunnies under the beds!
  • Spend some time preparing the basement ? declutter, clean and organize! Invest in some shelving to get items off the floor and create the appearance of more usable space.
  • Buyers love closet space, so this is a good time to go through everything, set aside items and clothing you?re no longer using, and make a drop-off at your local Goodwill store.
  • Don?t forget the floors. If they?re in good shape, a standard cleaning should be enough. If you have pets and a muddy yard, you may want to hire a professional cleaning service to do a deep cleaning.
  • Once the inside is looking good, turn your attention to the exterior. Windows should be washed, the lawn should be maintained, etc. Think curb appeal! If the outside is a mess, they probably won?t come inside.
  • Are you a pet owner? If so, get them out of the house when showing the property, and remove all reminders such as toys and bowls.
  • Because so many people now do their house-hunting online, take some eye-catching photos of your property, inside and out. If photography isn?t your thing, ask a friend or consider hiring a professional.
  • Does your house pass the smell test? After all this cleaning, it should! But keep in mind that it never hurts to light a pleasant-smelling candle.

And finally, when you?re figuring out how to get a house ready to sell, find an experienced Realtor who knows the neighborhood, has a successful track record and seems easy to work with. You?ll be spending a lot of time together over the coming weeks, so you may want to interview several Realtors until you find the perfect match.

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