How to Look at a House That is For Sale? Part 3 of 3

Now for the upstairs- What was your initial impression when you first arrived ? fresh and clean or needs some work?? Try to look past the furnishings and personal property; these items will be gone when you get the keys. How are the room sizes? What about the ceiling heights? Are these adequate for your household? ?You need to ask yourself ???what rooms do you spend the most time in now??? And ?How does this property match up to your current needs?..will this property accommodate me/us over the next 5 to 10 years??? ?What will it be like to have 15 guests in this place??

Do you like the kitchen and bathroom(s)? Look closely at everything – cabinetry, walls, flooring, fixtures and counter tops?? How much do you feel you will need to change? Since these rooms are the most expensive to overhaul, ?it?s smart to have a clear idea of how much you would need to spend to have spaces that you will enjoy.? Is there sufficient storage as well as counter top work spaces? How old are the appliances? The built-ins are in the price so look them over good. Does everything work properly? Do the doors open and close the way they should?

Plan on painting the interior after you buy. It?s a great way to clean and begin to put your stamp on the property. Get a feel for the flooring. Is there hardwood under carpet? Looking in the closets or near the heat ducts is one way of finding out what is underneath. If you want to examine condition, you can also give the seller a deposit and bring in a carpet person to pull back and then reinstall a large area during your home inspection to determine the condition.

Is there wall paper to remove or paneling that ?must come down?. Best to make a list of the things you feel you will need to do right away so that you are prepared financially for this purchase.

Finally, prior to purchase, it?s best to hire a state certified home inspector to go through the property with a ?fine tooth comb? so that you can have a complete idea of what you are buying.