Recently, we?ve shared several tips on staging your home for sale based on a recent detailed article on Today we?ll wrap up that series with a handful of tips to help ensure a quicker sale!

Entice visitors to explore the entire house by placing items that draw attention in key areas such as the top of the stairs or in the corner of a long hallway. An interesting piece of art or a beautiful vase of flowers should do the trick!

If you have an awkward area in your home such as a small room beneath the stairs, find a unique way to show it off. For example, set up a small work station or add bookshelves to turn that unique space into a selling point.

Do you own a pet? If so, have the rugs steam cleaned to remove pet odors, which can be a real turnoff. Also, keep the pet toys out of sight when visits are scheduled.

Create a lifestyle that matches the neighborhood. If your house is located on a quiet suburban street, hang a hammock in the backyard or place a bench swing on the front porch to add to the natural environment.

Whether you have a tiny balcony or a large patio and yard, stage the outdoors, too. From a nice table and chairs set to fresh flowers, you want the outdoor area to look charming as well.

And finally, think seasonally. Make sure the gardens and landscaping are in tip-top shape. Have a pool? Make sure it?s clean and inviting! Is the weather cool? Start a warm fire in the fireplace.

A quick sale is never a sure thing, but taking thoughtful steps when preparing a home for the market is always a smart move!