Last December, 1/3 of home transactions were paid for in cash says a recently released HousingPlus Tracking Survey.? Cash, however, caused sellers to accept offers on their homes in less time and, perhaps, for less than the home was worth; buyers paying with bills offer buyers more security and money up front, an attractive option in an unstable market.? These transactions also tend to happen in less than 30 days, meaning sellers can sell their house quickly and without the stress associated with a property sitting on the market for a long period of time.? Investors, for the most part, use properties for rentals or for “flips,” where they remodel and sell the investment for a higher value.? Paying cash gives them a property more quickly, which means cash can flow back into their pockets sooner through rental income or higher resale value.? For buyers and sellers, cash allows quick exchanges of property without the stress of third party lenders.