NEW OLEAR BANNERStaging a home for sale is so very important, and we?ve come across another great article on the topic on In the article they offer staging tips for each room in the house. Here?s a condensed version of what they had to say about the living room:
? Go for symmetry when placing anything from accent pillows to table lamps.
? Chic lamps add both lighting and appeal to the decor.
? Clean the fireplace of any soot stains, and replace the old screen.
? If possible, show furniture in light colors for an inviting feel.
? Remove a few pieces of furniture for a more open feel.
? Use bright, coordinated accessories for an appealing splash of color.
? Help buyers feel at home by displaying a board game or tea set on the coffee table and by arranging furniture in conversational groupings.
?While staging isn?t guaranteed to get you more money or ensure a quicker sale, the positives clearly outweigh any possible negatives!