We’ve all seen those decorated bisons all around Buffalo– each one represents something about the place that it stands in. Lockport is about to embark on a new public art project, and this is something you should take note of: the city is painting old pianos and putting them around the city, so that a casual passerby can strike up a tune for others on the street. Starting June 21, several businesses will have donated and decorated pianos outside their doors in the hopes that someone will tickle the ivories.

The project is called Sweet Harmony, and is part of Lockport’s “Sweet Sweet Summer” series. The idea was dreamed up by local businesswoman (owner of Sweet 16 and Sweet Rides), who also came up with ideas like ?Sweet Dreams,? a chalkboard on which citizens will be able to draw or write about their dreams; the ?Sweet Chalk Festival,? a weekend of sidewalk art drawn in chalk; and ?Sweet Idea,? which opened the season earlier this month.

An 8-by-12-foot chalkboard was attached to the outside wall of City Hall, starting May 6, and citizens were invited to complete the sentence: ?I?m important to Lockport because I ??

Her projects are definitely ones to inspire good feelings about the city of Lockport all summer. Be sure to check it out!