One of the greatest problems faced by senior citizens today is isolation. Far too often we hear and see examples of seniors living alone, with no nearby family members and no close friends. It?s a tough life to live.

Thankfully, more and more seniors are also becoming computer literate. While it will never fully take the place of a real visit or a handshake, social networking gives seniors an outlet to connect with others using technology that?s right at their fingertips.

Facebook, for example, now has millions of users age 65 or older. Using Facebook, they can keep in touch with everyone from out-of-town relatives to old friends who may now find it difficult to get out and about as much as they did in the past. The simple act of connecting with others, even over the internet, can help maintain a positive attitude and good health.

Additionally, some healthcare providers and senior advocacy groups have established ?virtual villages? where seniors are offered exclusive access to discussion forums, educational and wellness programs, services for seniors and even scheduled social activities.

There is no age limit when using social media, and while it will never replace a hug, it can sure help some of our seniors feel like they?re connected, useful and part of a larger community.