It?s time to tackle another one of those frequently heard real estate questions: what is an MLS Realtor? MLS stands for Multiple Listing Services, and basically it?s technology that enables real estate brokers to share property information with other brokers locally and across the country. Sellers benefit from increased exposure, while buyers benefit because they can obtain information on multiple properties while working with just one broker.?

Interestingly, the MLS is not just one large database. In reality, it?s made up of hundreds of regional databases. It?s pretty high-tech.

And let?s face it, the days of just sticking a for sale sign into the front lawn and hoping for a potential buyer to drive by are long gone. A Realtor who uses Multiple Listing Services (also known as an MLS Realtor) is a Realtor who is comfortable using the latest technology to greatly improve the odds of completing a transaction for their client. Home sellers can?t post directly to the MLS as access is limited to licensed real estate agents and brokers who pay for MLS membership.

What is an MLS Realtor and what they can do for you?

How has technology such as MLS changed the real estate marketplace? While the following statistics date back to 2007, they still make an important point.?

  • According to the Realtor Technology Survey, two-thirds of all Realtors have websites.
  • Realtors report that their listings are displayed on multiple of websites, including, the Realtor’s own site, the local Realtor association’s website, the local newspaper?s real estate website and countless other sites such as Yahoo, Google, Craigslist, Zillow and Trulia.
  • More than half of recent buyers used MLS websites to aid their real estate search.

Despite the increase in real estate technology usage, there is still some data that is not publicly accessible, and for good reason. This would include information that could endanger the seller?s privacy or safety, such as personal contact information and times the home is vacant for showings.

Whether you’re looking to sell or buy a home, you will without a doubt benefit from Multiple Listing Services. But if you?re technology shy, don?t worry. Now that you know what an MLS Realtor is, you can find one that you?re comfortable working with and let them do the work for you!

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