By the year 2030, the population of Americans over 65 will increase by eighty percent, and these seniors will account for twenty percent of the nation?s population. With the number of seniors rising, a number of new start-up companies are sprouting up across the country to address their needs.

Among these companies, a few specialize in moving seniors from their adult homes into specialized senior communities or into the homes of family?known as Senior Move Managers. As their children are spread out across the country, these companies help independent seniors a great deal by developing a strategic plan for the move. These plans aren?t just about packing up and moving furniture. Instead, these Move Managers help to also organize the lifetime?s worth of possessions and set up their sale or donation; help develop a floor plan for the senior?s future home; arranging moving companies and move-in days; and helping to sell the senior?s home.

Senior Move Managers are essential because they provide seniors with an organized and tactful way of moving to another life adventure. Moving from one?s adult home can be very emotional, and downsizing one?s possessions can seem impossible. Having Move Managers (provided by NASMM or NAPO) allows seniors to move on and out more effectively while also providing them with services before and after the move.

Senior Move Managers help move seniors all over the country, including Alice, a widow from Upstate New York. After her husband?s death, it was hard for Alice to maintain their large, four bedroom home. The home also was impractical for her?with her children scattered across the states and the house holding memories, it became a very lonely place for her. She decided to join her sister in Florida, but the move itself turned into a problem. Without her children close by, how could she move? Enter the Senior Move Managers, who helped her not only sell her home, but organize her many beloved possessions. Throughout her life, Alice collected teapots but found that taking her collection to Florida was impractical. She kept her three favorite pots and parted with the others, though not completely. Instead, her Move Managers came in with an innovative solution for her. They took pictures of her 71 remaining teapots, placed them into a beautiful color poster, and framed it: now Alice?s new Florida home has a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork inspired by her old collection. Indeed, the Move Managers made sure that Alice didn?t have to leave everything behind.

Move managers are professional and organized for seniors who are moving into the next stages of their lives. These managers provide seniors with resources before, during, and after a move, helping to create a sense of comfort at an overwhelming time. They also care for the seniors and want to make them feel at home, something displayed by Alice?s story. For seniors overwhelmed by a move out of their homes, Move Managers provide a great sense of relief.