Moving day can be stressful on parents, but it is essential that infants, toddlers, and children become a priority when all of the boxes are packed.? These tips could help the move be easier for adults and kids alike:

1. Pack your child’s room last; unpack it first:? Making kids feel at home in your old and new homes can make the transition much easier.? By keeping things as “unchanged” as possible, young children won’t feel disrupted– experts suggest making a younger child’s new room seem the same as their old room.? What is interesting, however, is the fact that changing setup of furniture for older children could actually help them make a fresh start.

2.? Know everything before you leave: Know where the nearest hospital is, know your child’s new dentist and doctor’s information.? It’s also important to know locations of pharmacies and grocery stores.? Moving is big and stressful, and can become even more so when you travel unprepared and have to deal with an emergency.

3.? Have someone help with the kids on moving day: Taking infants and toddlers away from the chaos of moving day could really help them– seeing an empty house may provide closure for older kids, but young kids may not understand as well.? They also may just end up getting in the way, so keeping them entertained elsewhere could be a huge help for you, too.

4.? Stay calm: Moving is very stressful, but it’s important for you to stay calm: evidence suggests that children often feel their parents’ stress, so removing as much of it as you can from the equation could ultimately help how your children react to the move.

5.? Don’t pack anything important: That includes a favorite toy, stuffed animal, or blanket, which could relieve anxiety and provide comfort in a move.