Photo simulation above (courtesy of Hatch Mott) shows the plan to improve public access to the waterfront in Niagara Falls; at bottom is the current street pattern.

For years, walking close to the Falls has been difficult for visitors– access to the natural wonder was impeded by embankments?and dangerous street traffic. ?Robert Moses Parkway has blocked off most of the Niagara river leading to the Falls, which is rich with natural beauty and views across the river.

Yesterday, work began to move one mile of the Parkway, which many hope will open the waterfront to new opportunities, including the goal of making the area a “riverway.” ?Other projects have already commenced, and the city has some $40 million to use in updating the American side.

New pedestrian crosswalks and paths are planned for the project, aimed at opening up access to the river and falls, and hopefully, developing the area as a more tourist-friendly destination.

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