NEW OLEAR BANNERWith more and more Baby Boomers reaching retirement age every day, one thing is certain ? they?re still loving life and living a very active lifestyle. And gaining in popularity across the country are ?niche? retirement communities that cater to retirees with certain interests.

For example, there?s the ?Rocinante? community in Summertown, Tenn., that appeals to aging hippies! Residents of this unique community are required to construct or buy and maintain their own homes. The atmosphere is earthy and easy on the natural environment, with many residents choosing to live out life in simple cabins.

Retirees with an interest in stage and screen can travel to the NoHo Senior Artist Colony in Hollywood, Calif., which has its very own theater and performance company. Residents get to enjoy and participate in countless performances, and are also encouraged to take related classes on an adjoining college campus.

Tampa, Fla., is home to the ?Nalcrest? community formed exclusively for retired postal workers. It?s important to note that this community has a strict ?no dogs allowed? policy!

While not every interest, career or hobby has its own retirement community, there are new niche communities popping up every year. Who knows? A little internet research may uncover your nirvana.