Have the kids grown up and moved out of the house? Do you suddenly find that you?re living in and caring for a home that?s now too large for your current needs? If that?s the case, are you ready to start a new and exciting chapter in your life?

In most cases, selling the family homestead is a difficult and emotional decision. But when you achieve a certain age ? for the sake of argument let?s say 65 and older ? there are some very practical reasons for making this lifestyle change.

For starters, a smaller house is much easier to care for, and living arrangement all on a single level will cut down on trips to the basement or climbing staircases to reach the bedrooms. Fewer stairs and less clutter also results in fewer falls in the home. This is significant when you consider that those 65 and older make 2.5 million emergency room visits annually for serious injuries often caused by falls.

If you can?t decide what living arrangements are best for your current AND future needs, you may want to consult with a geriatric care manager who can help sort through the maze of choices available to seniors. Your neighborhood senior center or your county?s Department of Senior Services can also provide valuable information, often at no cost.

A happier and healthier lifestyle can begin with one decision. New memories are waiting to be made!