NEW OLEAR BANNERThere?s an old real estate saying that you?ve likely heard: Location, location, location! Since spaciousness is such a huge selling point in today?s market, perhaps we can create a new saying: Space, space and more space!

Since most homebuyers are searching online for their next home, every photo becomes a crucial part of the sales process. Following are some tips for making your home look more appealing ? and larger ? to prospective buyers.

? Eyes down! Your floors are a big deal and should be free of clutter. While you?re at it, remove those area rugs to show off as much of the floor as possible. And if you have beautiful hardwood floors, why cover them up?

? Focus on furniture. Too much furniture will make a room appear cramped and uninviting, so consider removing a piece or two for photography purposes. On the other hand, you also want to avoid empty spaces. Proper staging is a delicate balance … yet key to a quick sale.

? Mirror, mirror on the wall. It?s a bit of trick photography, but mirrors can provide a feeling of spaciousness and can also be used to reflect images of beautiful furnishings and accessories. This might take a little practice … and be sure to shoot at an angle where you?re not part of the picture! If mirrors aren?t an option, try shooting on an angle as a diagonal line provides the longest visual line in any room.

? Light it up. A dark room can come across in photos as small, unwelcoming and even a little scary. Open the blinds, turn on the lights and step away from the darkness. While you?re at it, feel free to remove some of the darker accessories such as area rugs and pillows.

Finally, if you have an open house, it should appear as it does in the photos so that house hunters can experience an immediate connection when walking through the front door.