Buffalo is known nationally for its snow and cold: residents know that at any time, a snow storm can come out of nowhere and hit them hard.? The 2006 October storm is proof of that– trees and power lines were knocked down by wind, heavy snow, and ice.? Since that time, Buffalonians have found ways to be prepared; many have invested in emergency generators that will keep minimal power on in the event of a snowstorm.? But what’s the best option?? Portable generators, which are less expensive, require gas and only power a few necessary appliances.? These generators also must be kept outdoors because they release Carbon Monoxide.? Fixed generators, on the other hand, run on propane and turn on automatically when power goes out: they are more powerful, and are able to keep all appliances running.? But these generators cost between $2,000 and $5,000.? Are they worth the investment if loss of power only occurs every so often?