Yesterday Roswell Park Cancer Institute opened its brand new Intensive Care Unit.? The state-of-the facilities are larger than the former ICU center and the Institute hopes to take on more patients.? Roswell also added more nursing stations and more modern medical equipment for patients.? The biggest change are the individual patient rooms, which now have large windows overlooking the Buffalo skyline and the UB medical campus.? These windows, though a New York State regulation, are meant to bring the natural world in to patients undergoing treatment.

In a statement at the ribbon cutting ceremony, Dr. Donald Trump, Roswell’s President and CEO said, ?We invested the time and effort to create a space that is calming and attractive, but also incorporates cutting-edge equipment and strategic design to enhance our ability to provide care effectively and efficiently. These features are essential extensions of the skill and the caring that our clinical staff provide, and great care can only happen when all these elements are present.?