NEW Olear cover photoIf you ever find yourself in the role of executor or power of attorney for a friend or family member, there?s a very strong possibility you?ll be required to sort through many years of personal accumulation and, quite possibly, sell that individual?s home. While you should be applauded for taking on this task, the responsibilities can become overwhelming.

With that in mind, the real estate professionals at The Olear Team are ready to offer you advice and guidance that only comes from years of experience, and help see you through this complicated process as quickly and easily as possible.

Rest assured, you will have many questions as you work your way through this process. Common inquiries include: Should I fix the property or sell it as is? Should I hold an estate sale? What can be given away to friends and family? What are some of the legal and financial issues I may encounter?

With one phone call, the caring professionals at The Olear Team can provide a simple yet complete service designed to help you develop a written step-by-step plan. The Olear Team will also manage the entire process for you for one reasonable flat fee, from expediting the sale of personal property to every aspect of preparing the house for sale.

This could be one of the hardest things you?ll ever have to go through. Fortunately, the members of The Olear Team have helped a lot of people through this process and have personally gone through it themselves. For a free consultation, please contact The Olear Team today!