When it comes to the thought of selling one?s home there can sometimes be a lot reasons why someone chooses not to sell. Many of these reasons can be legitimate reasons depending on issues such as timing; while other reasons can just be potential barriers brought up by family members, friends, and word of mouth or current media forecasts.

The first of the three top obstacles are that houses are filled with good memories. Many people in their 50?s and older have a hard time selling their homes because it?s where they raised their kids and/or spend most of their lives.? This can become a potential problem too when talking to family members about whether to move because of their attachment as well.

However, what most people are struggling to decide is that the home may become too big to mange and maintain at a certain point. Another potential issue becomes falls in the home among older people. According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every three adults ages 65 and older falls each year. The best way to help someone move on is to let him or her know that it is okay to let go and be sure to point out the freedom that will result.

The second problem that people deal with is wondering who would buy their house considering how many houses are potentially available in the market. Now this thought is true but what is not being considered is the real estate agent and his or her knowledge. Most agents know a lot about what goes into preparing a house for sale. Take time out of your day to talk to one and hopefully they will give you more inspiration about why your house is more unique than the next.

The last mental obstacle people face is that they look too much at market statistics to help them decide whether to sell. It?s true the market is down but things are improving overall. What the housing market average in the country doesn?t take into account is geographical areas, which means overall the market may be down but your market may be the highest on the list!