NEW OLEAR BANNEROK, so you?re set on selling your home. While that big decision is now behind you, how do you move forward to ensure a quick and satisfying sale process?

For starters, you?ll want to think like a buyer. That being the case, what would you like to see when walking through a house for the first time, keeping in mind the importance of the first impression. Are your rooms cluttered or crowded? If so, take steps to remove unnecessary items before a showing. On the other hand, does the room look too empty? If that?s the case, you may want to consider staging an empty room with some attractive and well-placed pieces of furniture. Is the room dim or well-lit? Most buyers love natural light, so use it to your advantage whenever possible.

Next, what small cosmetic changes can make an impact? Inexpensive solutions may include cleaning the carpets, washing windows, cutting the lawn and trimming bushes, cleaning gutters, removing trash, etc. Avoid large renovation jobs unless they correct situations that will inhibit financing. Your Realtor can explain what these problem areas typically are.

When?s the best time to list your home for sale? The best time is when you feel you are ready. A well prepared property, priced correctly will sell for maximum value at any time of the year.

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