Selling a house looks easy, right? You just put a sign in the front yard and wait for interest to build and offers to come rolling in.

Of course, it?s much more difficult than that, yet some people still insist on trying the ?for sale by owner? route. In the end, most regret that decision and feel that they would have been better off working with an experienced real estate agent at their side through what can be a long and complicated process. Following are some reasons why a Realtor can make your life much easier.

  • Experience. From preparing your house for showing to staging the interior, hosting open house events and negotiating a deal, your real estate agent has likely gone through this process multiple times and knows the ropes. Plus, they have professional connections throughout the industry that can make the entire process much easier. Look at it this way ? let?s say your automotive knowledge is limited to the ability to drive a car. When something goes wrong with a major component of the vehicle, are you going to fix it yourself or go to an expert for assistance?
  • Paperwork. Oh, there?s lots of it, and paperwork that is overlooked or filed incorrectly could easily delay or derail a transaction. Again, leave the heavy work to an experienced Realtor who is trained to make certain that all the I?s are dotted and T?s are crossed.
  • More potential buyers. A good Realtor has spent years building connections and relationships within the industry and the community, and knows how to get the word out regarding a new house on the market. They know what works, and what doesn?t ? and they won?t waste your time or theirs on strategies that don?t bring results.
  • Pricing. How will you know how to price your house? Have you reviewed all the comparable properties in similar neighborhoods? Over- or under-pricing your home will have serious implications upon your ability to sell for the best price. You can?t afford to cut corners here.
  • Time investment. Selling a house is a full-time job. Do you really want to take time away from your job and/or family to completely oversee such a large financial transaction? If other commitments have the potential to distract you from the home-selling process, important details could very well slip through the cracks.

So what is a home seller to do. Our advice would be to interview several potential Realtors and ask for references. For more information, please contact The Olear Team today!