Winter can be a trying time for sellers: the cold can often keep potential buyers away.? When you are able to show off your home, you want to make sure that it is warm and cozy, helping buyers forget that its cold outside.? Following staging strategies like these could make a big difference in how your home is received:

Turn on all the lights: A big problem during winter is that days are shorter and darker.? When showing your home, brighten it up by turning on lights in all of the rooms.? Potential buyers like to know that a home is bright.

Show your home during the day: Since daylight hours are shorter in winter, scheduling a daytime showing can make a big difference for buyers.? Allowing them to see the home when it?s light out will make the home seem lighter and help them forget that it?s cold outside.

Parking: Potential buyers should be given parking preference.? Allowing them to spend as little time outside is a fantastic courtesy.? Having to walk down slushy streets to get to a house will make them feel that parking in your neighborhood is poor, even if that is not the case.

Clean up outside, too: Make sure to shovel your driveway and sidewalks to make the outside of your home look cleaner and well maintained.

Celebrate the season: Decorating for winter holidays makes the home look cozier.? That doesn?t mean to keep Christmas decorations up until March, though: make sure that holiday decorations are cleaned up well after the holiday has passed.